Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...a journal.

I began journaling when puberty hit. I wrote all about my friends, the fighting and making up. I wrote about what I wanted for Christmas, how my brothers were SO annoying and how fat I thought I was (I really wasn't).

Journalling was a huge part of who I was, from adolescence through the beginning of motherhood. My entire dating relationship with my hubby is well documented, wink wink. When A was born, I was constantly tired. Laying my head on my pillow was my priority and I began to lose my bedtime journalling routine. Life changed. I let it go. I want it back. And now, I find myself here. Finally...

I'm so proud of my journals; they show my commitment and diligence to my life.

These days, with my business and all (I'll write more about that later), I find myself at the computer more and more, and much less sitting on my bed, before I fall asleep,ready to write about my day. Now, I can take a few minutes and type away. I'm faster at that, anyway, and I can attach pics - can't do that on my paper journal. Although, it still has it's place. In there, I can jot down notes, practice my handwriting (I've never really liked it anyway), and doodle.

So, here we are. I'll be writing more about fun stuff that I do and other things that I hope I get done. There's always a project on my list! I hope you enjoy, but if not, that's okay too.

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