Saturday, June 19, 2010

I {heart} babywearing!

I love babywearing for a million reasons, maybe more. Here's just a few...

*She is content and secure, and still close to my heart.

Yes, Nora really likes it "in there". Yes, she CAN breathe. Yes, it is comfortable, for both of us. NO she's not going to fall out. I keep her in the *kissing* position - her head is always high enough for me to give her a nice little smooch.

{Earthy Rainbow Girasol shorty}
*I'm hands-free! I can do *almost* anything!

Bending down to pick something up is my biggest challenge, which has allowed me to practice using my toes. Don't laugh! You know you've done it too.

With Nora on my back, I can do dishes, make dinner, take out the trash, vacuum, clean the counters, and sew! Yes, I can even sew when she's on my back. And usually, she's passed out within minutes of being back there. Makes for a cozy nap.

{Wrapper's Paradise Girasol 4.2m}
{reinforced ruck}
*She can look people in the eye.

No sitting on the dirty floor in a car seat for this little girl! It grosses me out to think about how much crap can float right into a baby's face when they are that close to the ground. Besides that, carrying around bucket seats with a baby of more than 10lbs is incredibly heavy and so awkward. I just leave it in the car, and wear her wherever we are going.

Nora can socialize and have the opportunity to learn early communication skills. {love it!} She LOVES to talk to people and give big ol' smiles when I'm wearing her. She gets a lot of attention, for sure.

Over the past few months, there have been some stories in the news about baby carriers. I want to stress that wearing your baby is a responsibility. Parents MUST educate themselves on proper carriers and wearing techniquess. I believe that most accidents can be prevented with education.

So, go on! Educate yourself! Babywearing is so much fun and stylish too! Some of my favorite places are: - A message board and For Sale or Trade forum - A great retail site with a lot of wonderful information - For great instructional videos on babywearing

The carriers I used here are wraps. I also use mei tais and soft structured carriers. I blog about those in another post.