Friday, May 21, 2010

{head injury}

Last night, on my way to my mommy group, Clay called me to come home. During the call, I heard screaming and crying. You know the kind; the kind that every mom knows and dreads. It was the cry of my child, and I felt my heart break. Aaron had an accident and gave himself a nice gash on his eyebrow.

I rushed home. Well, I went as fast as I could without needing to avoid being pulled over. If you know me, you know that I have been pulled over a time or two – wink, wink. When I got home, Clay’s parents were there and sent us on our way with Aaron. They kept the girls, which was quite the special treat for Molly (she got to stay up a little late). My in-laws are amazing, in case I haven’t mentioned that before.

Checking in at the ER was easy, but the wait was longer than we’d like. Finally, we were in a room and waited for the doctor. At this point, we knew he had a cut, but didn’t really know if stitches were necessary. Aaron was in a great mood and was being his usual jovial self. Once the doctor was ready to really examine him, he thought that giving him some Verced would help him stay calm for the procedure. At first he was a little calmer, but when he had to be restrained from his shoulders to his toes, he became a little clausterphobic and anxious. Yeah, this was NO fun for any of us.

The doctor cleaned out his wound with three huge syringes of sterile water. Then, he revealed the true damage that was done. All I can say is, woah. Really, it was SO much worse than I thought it was. Clay was right there when he slipped on his blanket and took a header into the side of his bed. From the way Aaron hit, Clay knew it was bad, but I didn’t realize. The doctor gently pulled the wound open and man was it deep. My heart sank.

Aaron was in great hands, though, and the doctor placed stitches through two layers of tissue and got him all sewed up. His eye is still puffy and swollen. A black eye is in his future, for certain.

Remember the Versed that Aaron was given, well it didn’t sit well with him at all. At first, it kind of made him drunk. Once we were at home, it was not a fun and goofy drunk. More like a mean drunk, who didn’t know he was drunk and just wanted one more drink. Aaron had a violent reaction to the Versed. He was fighting us and screamed, “Mama, I don’t NEED YOU!” Again, my heart broke. Clay reminded me that this wasn’t our Aaron.

Sleep finally came over Aaron around 11:30pm. Relief. With all he went through, I was certain that he’d sleep-in a little, but no, he was up at 6:30am. Damn. He needed the rest. I hope he gets more tonight.

Did you ask for pictures? Are you sure you want to see? Close your eyes if you have a weak stomach:

“I look totally handsome with this wrap on!” - Aaron

Cleaning the wound.

It's just a scratch, right?


Sewing it up.

Ready to go home!!