Thursday, March 19, 2009

:sweet stitches:

When I was young, I watched my grandma crochet. She was so speedy, and every stitch she created amazed me. I also watched my mom sew, and sew, and sew. I don't remember a time when she wasn't sewing. It still amazes me. And now, my own son watches me with wonder and curiosity. He wanted to learn to sew. He is a tad too young for machine sewing, so hand sewing was the next best choice. So I went shopping...

Shopping list (inspired from the book The Creative Family - Soule Mama blog in blogroll):

Embroidery Hoop
Tapestry Needles (so he doesn't poke his fingers)
Embroidery Floss (lots of fun colors)

Here is my boy creating beautifully sweet stitches:

So proud of himself!


Some handiwork...

I think it's a lost art: handiwork. People don't make things for themselves and friends as in days past. I do think it's making a comeback though, with sites like and wonderful books like The New Handmade. It is an art that has been in my family for many generations and I hope to carry on the tradtion with my own children.

My wonderful friend Maggie (she's in my blogroll!), photographed our family last Fall. In exchange, I am making her some props for pics and some fun stuff for her kids. I love trades!!

Here's some of my recent handiwork for her:

Apples & Ruffles for Peach

Pretty Birds for Peach

Apron for Peach

I also made Maggie a fun little headband for her birthday. It's from the book The New Handmade:

(me modeling it)

For many many years I resisted machine sewing as a hobby. My mom sews and is amazing at it. I never thought it was for me. Now, as an adult and a mom, I find peace at the sewing machine. I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a little something special and it puts a smile on someone's face. It tickles me that my kids know what a bobbin is and that they actually ask me to make things for them.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

What have we been up to?

Gosh, it's been too long, once again. I've slacked and and will just jump right back in.

{{side note: I'm sitting here giggling, while watching Molly play hide and seek with some coins and a little stuffed pumpkin. She says, "Where'd it go?" as she covers the coins with the pumpkin. Then replies, "There it is!" after she enthusiastically lifts the pumpkin from the coins. Gosh, I love that girl.}}

Since I last wrote, we have had lots of fun stuff happen in our lives. Which is quite welcome, in this household.

Our first big news is that Molly officially learned to use the potty! WOOT WOOT! I found out about the 3 Day Potty Training ( technique from some wonderful friends. Haphazardly, we had been trying to teach Molly how to use the potty, but it was quite inconsistent. Using the 3DPT techinique worked great for Molly, and she stays dry day, nap and night. Of course we still have an accident here and there, but it's all manageable.

So, NO MORE DIAPERS! For me, as a cloth diaperer (and as my other cding mamas can attest to), it is bittersweet. I love that fluffy bum that comes with some sweet and sassy cloth. Maybe there will be a chance to use all of those fabulous diapers again, someday...

Not sure if it was the smartest timing, but just 2 weeks after PTing Molly, we went on our first family vacation, ever. We spent Aaron's birthday in Disneyland, and had a wonderful time. I'm going to create a separate Disneyland post, complete with pictures. :)

After getting home from Disneyland, (and this is NOT so fun), my laptop got a virus and I had to get it removed. Everything is okay, now, so maybe I shouldn't go into all of the drama that came with that terrible virus. To make a long story short, I didn't back up some VERY important data, and am having to reinput 5 months worth of business transactions. Needless to say, I will be backing everything up, and often, from now on.

As of today, we are all happy and healthy. Molly is so content playing with an old burp cloth, trying to fold it and unfold it, Aaron is playing some computer games on, Clay is sleeping in, and I'm, well, typing ;).

I do have some great pics from the past month or so. I'll be adding those in with some upcoming posts.

Big hugs, everyone!