Thursday, December 18, 2008

::lots of rolls::

Aaron loves his friends at school and decided that they needed a Christmas gift. What is more perfect for a group of 3 and 4 year olds than some crayons and a felt roll to hold them in?? So, Aaron and I sewed (he likes to sit on my lap and "guide" my hands) and filled each roll with a rainbow of brand new crayons!

I also made each of his teachers a pen roll. When I taught school, I received very thoughtful, but not terribly useful, gifts. I hope they enjoy and use them. I think they really turned out lovely.

As Christmas quickly approaches, I find my list not getting that much smaller. I have great intentions of making some dolls for the kids and other handmade things for friends and family. I think some of those things will be given at a later date, maybe for a birthday or for no reason at all.

It's coming along! I have gone through my closest, which needs another sorting, and Aaron's room. Keeping the house clean and tidy is becoming more natural and something I want to do because of how I feel when it's all done. Believe me, cleaning is NOT my favorite thing to do.

Next... I'm hoping to get the office done. I want to redefine the space as a family creative room, which will take a lot of work, but will be completely worth it.

off to bed - sleep awaits..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

::crafty time::

We put up our tree this weekend. Aaron was SO excited about it. He helped put it up and give it all the proper decorations. He likes to group a bunch in one place on the tree and Clay would try to encourage him to spread them out. Aaron would have no part in that! He wanted it to do it his way, which meant big bunches on one branch. I giggled. Aaron is our oldest and is truly showing the colors of an oldest child lately. I'm an oldest. I completely relate.

We also had some impromptu family craft time. We painted and decorated some decorations for the tree. I had the biggest smile on my face - just watching them was pure delight. M was napping, but she was able to "help" afterwards.

Our tree is quite lovely. It's decorated with a mixture of handmade and store-bought ornaments. Some were also gifts from students whom I taught. I enjoy putting those on the tree because I think back to those little faces.

Aaron takes a lot of pride in his decorating. It's very serious business. He created a paper garland for the tree and took so much time to make it just right. There was so much joy in his face as he connected each paper loop and stapled them with intent.

And our tree:

More to come... I've been sewing a bit...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

{:a creative space:}

::a beautiful, inspiring, calm space where laughter and creativity reside::

I have been inspired by SouleMama (in blogroll). She writes of creating a creative space in your home for the family. This idea speaks right to my heart.

Right now, my "office" is a cluttered mess and it is on my list to purge and declutter it. After reading about the creative space, I decided that I want to empty the whole room and start from scratch. Not an easy task! Right now, it holds our desktop computer, 4 huge shelves filled with scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting, and sewing stuff as well as a TON of fabric. I can't forget my 4 sewing machines (I so use 3 of them) - thank you mom!

I visualize a space where I can work/sew and A & M can come in, get some art stuff and do their own projects.

I think this idea has become so important to me because I have gotten much busier with my business. I find myself trying to get work done while the kids are otherwise occupied and at that time I'm not as connected to them as I want to be. And when they do come in while I'm working, they don't have anything in there that's FOR them. M presses buttons on my machines, searches for straight pens and strings my spools of thread from the office to the kitchen! It's like walking into a spiderweb! And A does like to play on the computer, but for the most part, he just asks questions about what I am doing. I love how he questions, but he would be much happier and more creative with his own things there for inspriation.

Now, I just have to talk to my hubby about it. He really doesn't use the room, but maybe if it were a creative family room, he would.

In the meantime, here are some of my latest creations:

A's Super Why costume:

When he wears this costume, he completely transforms himself! He even prefers to be called "Super Why"! I love him, no matter what name he prefers.

Goodnight. Tomorrow is a big day of decluttering, working and a dr. appt for my hubby.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...a journal.

I began journaling when puberty hit. I wrote all about my friends, the fighting and making up. I wrote about what I wanted for Christmas, how my brothers were SO annoying and how fat I thought I was (I really wasn't).

Journalling was a huge part of who I was, from adolescence through the beginning of motherhood. My entire dating relationship with my hubby is well documented, wink wink. When A was born, I was constantly tired. Laying my head on my pillow was my priority and I began to lose my bedtime journalling routine. Life changed. I let it go. I want it back. And now, I find myself here. Finally...

I'm so proud of my journals; they show my commitment and diligence to my life.

These days, with my business and all (I'll write more about that later), I find myself at the computer more and more, and much less sitting on my bed, before I fall asleep,ready to write about my day. Now, I can take a few minutes and type away. I'm faster at that, anyway, and I can attach pics - can't do that on my paper journal. Although, it still has it's place. In there, I can jot down notes, practice my handwriting (I've never really liked it anyway), and doodle.

So, here we are. I'll be writing more about fun stuff that I do and other things that I hope I get done. There's always a project on my list! I hope you enjoy, but if not, that's okay too.