Wednesday, August 5, 2009

<< going digital >>

I've been trying to get into digital scrapbooking for 2 years, or so. I have always ended up quiting because I didn't "get it", didn't have time, or didn't know how to do what I wanted to do with it. A sweet mama I know, Tracie, is an amazing digi-scrapper and even designs her own stuff. She has inspired and encouraged me to finally give it a try. A while back, she shared a link to a free class by a fantabulous digi-scrapper, Jessica Sprague. I took the class the other day and loved how easy she made it. Then I discovered that she offers more classes which teach all the things I wanted to learn (although they do cost a tad bit of $) and couldn't just figure out on my own by looking at my Photoshop screen - just looking at the screen teaches you nothing, by the way. I think I must have been waiting for some sort of inspiration or something.

For years, I have been a paper scrapper, and loved it. My friends and I use to go out to crop nights and have a fabulous time talking and scrapping, but boy did I make a mess and often didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I still have all of my paper scrapping stuff, and there is still a time and a place for it. With 2 little ones at home and a third on the way, there's just not the place or space for it like there use to be. That's where digi-scrapping comes in and I'm so excited about it.
I love that there are so many freebies out there for digital kit, and even when I do buy something, everything is reusable! If I cut up a piece of paper or crop a pic, I still have the originals - LOVE THAT!! In the long run, I think it may be less time consuming and cheaper - love that too!
I better get going on my kids albums. I'm only 4 years behind ;).

Right now, I'm in the middle of the beginner course by Jessica Sprague and have already learned SO much. I haven't even had to pack up all my paper goodies and albums to go anywhere. It's all right here, on my computer.

Wanna see some of the stuff I've done?:


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  1. These look fabulous Christy! I'm so glad you're loving it! :)