Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Dress for a Sweet Girl

The daughter of a good friend of mine just had her second heart surgery. Knowing what it is like, first hand, I wanted to do something special for my friend's sweet girl. I couldn't be there for her - she lives half way across the country - so this was my small way of being there.

Her sweet girl is doing awesome and will hopefully go home soon.

I smocked the dress on my Juki TL-98Q and did the raw-edge applique with fleece on my Bernina.


  1. It's beautiful and she's going to look gorgeous in it!!

  2. You are so talented! I always love to see what you create. I also have seen your sewing room. I started to salivate as soon as I walked in the door. You are so lucky to have your very own fabric store right in your own house. I didn't know that you have a blog. It will be fun to keep up with all the fun things your kids do. They are so fun!! If it's OK I would like to add your blog to mine so it will be easier to check back quick.