Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{in progress}

My fantabulous friend Maggie asked me to make a quilt for her mom out of some old fabric of her mom's. There were SO many amazing scraps - I wish I could have used them all!! But, I needed to sort through and find the ones that were big enough to cut pieces for blocks. And I wanted them to coordinate too. So, I'll be making an Irish Chain quilt for her mom, and my mom is going to quilt it for her on the Statler Stitcher (Gammill). I can't wait to get it all done and have it ready for Maggie to give to her mom at Christmas.

These are some of the pieces and a sample of one block (there will be 40 of these and 40 white blocks too!). I've decided that I don't like the cutting part, but man-o-man, I LOVE to sew!!!

More pics and progress to come...


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  1. THIS brought tears to my eyes. I have a couple little outfits when I was little with some of those scraps. :) She is going to be SO shocked and thrilled. {mwah!} Can't wait...